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Welcome to a world of tailored staffing solutions designed to elevate your business across diverse sectors. At UCP Staffing, we specialize in partnering with industries that demand precision, efficiency, and excellence.

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Our Rapid Response team can meet your needs in the Continental United States. Even if we don't have a physical office we can help! Contact our Rapid Response team if you have employee needs in other areas.

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The Evolution of UCP

A Journey of Growth, Partnerships, and Impact

Since its inception in 2005, UCP (Utah Construction Personnel) has embarked on a remarkable journey, transforming from a modest startup into a powerhouse of industry influence. Led by Luke Greer, who laid its foundation at the age of 29, UCP's story is one of strategic expansions, dynamic partnerships, and unwavering commitment.

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Our Commitment to Philanthropy: Sharing Success for a Better Tomorrow

Empowering Positive Change Through Giving Back

In Nicaragua UCP gave a family a generational change by providing them with a fully functional bakery, including equipment.

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Real Clients, Real Success: UCP Staffing in Action

Discover How UCP Staffing Transformed Businesses Like Yours

Experience the transformative impact of UCP Staffing through the eyes of our valued clients. In this video testimonial, you'll hear firsthand accounts of how our tailored staffing solutions have propelled businesses to new heights.

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