What We Cover

Unlock a world of possibilities with UCP's all-encompassing coverage, designed to liberate your company from the burdensome expenses and overheads associated with staffing and payroll solutions. Say goodbye to the hassle and financial strain – UCP is here to ensure your business thrives without unnecessary costs

UCP Will Cover:

We will cover a variety of expenses that save companies the hassle and cost of using temporary employees

Workers Compensation Insurance

Previous Employer Verifications

Unemployment Insurance

Criminal Background Checks

Payroll Expenses

Drug and Alcohol Testing

State and Federal Taxes

Conforming to all DOT Compliance Regulations

We Help With Recruiting

We can help with scaling your business

short term projects

By letting UCP take the time to recruit and screen potential employees, it allows more time for companies to run their business. We also take care of all the necessary paperwork required with a new hire.